Storage Policies

The following are guidelines for mini-storage use. They are based on state and local regulations. Before you may move in, you are required to sign an agreement to follow our policies. This written agreement is subject to change.

Site Rules

  1. Gate Access is from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Anyone still on the site after 9:00 PM, will be asked to leave. The alarm sensors will not activate if there is still movement.

  2. No smoking inside units, smoke by rock wall and leave butts there.

  3. Units are for storage, not business, I.E. selling from unit. Accessing units more than once a week. The only person at your unit shall be the people listed on your contract or you are with them.

  4. Food items will attract mice or rats to your unit. In the years sinced we opened, not one rat or mouse has been found. Please keep your area clean when accessing your unit. If you need it cleaned, please notify office.

  5. No loud music. No pets outside of your vehicle. When storing items with gas or oi, notify office and plastic will be placed under the vehicle. Ask for plastic if you think an item might leak - refrigerators, etc.